This portion of our Web site is where we are storing and distributing things that are rather large and which we don't expect to have accessed very often. These pages are stored on the Macintosh at our house that serves as our gateway to the internet. It's usually, but not always, connected to the Internet. I disconnect it when I work from home, for instance, and if no one is accessing the net when the system disconnects from the Internet it can be the good part of a day before we reconnect. Since the system is connected to the internet via a 56K line, you may find that large images and files stored here are slow to download.

Family Pictures

The first set of pictures available here were taken at the funeral of my Aunt Betsy: Elizabeth Ellen Burrows Macleod Benchley Fisher. There's a group picture of all the Burrowses, Macleods, Benchleys, Fishers and Smiths that attended the funeral and several candid snapshots I took after the group shot. The pictures are here so that family members can pick up copies, and are available in two resolutions. The two sets are:

Raw (Huge) Images
Most of these are 1536x850. One picture is 2560x1250. They range from 425-600 KBytes. Yes, they're about a half a megabyte each. Loading pictures from this page will take a fairly long time. The page has small thumbnails of each picture.

1024x768 Resolution
These images are 1024 pixels wide and 500-567 pixels tall. They range in size from 40-80 KBytes, about 1/10th the size of the raw images, and will therefore load about 10 times faster. The page has small thumbnails of each picture, like the following.

The picture thumbnailed above is available in both resolutions and also appears on my Web home page. If you want the 1024x500 pixel version, it would probably be faster to get it from there.

I've made a key to the picture as best I can. I won't swear I got the spelling, or even all of the names correct. We're a big family, after all. If I got something wrong, send me e-mail.

Key to family picture
Family Picture Key